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I'm laughing so hard, because cultureshift won't ever answer any legitimate question that disproves a lot of the information he posts. He even blocked/reported me for asking them. Lol.



I’ve noticed a lot of people talking about him doing that. I guess there’s some people who just won’t let anyone get through to them. He’s in his own (very messed up) world.

The continued demonization of the messenger. I know I force you to face the reality of what you advocate for - the slaughter of little unborn boys and girls, little children just like you once were but have somehow forgotten.

What’s really sad about this lie is just that, it’s a lie. I have answered hundreds of difficult questions and have NEVER blocked anyone and have NEVER reported anyone. In fact, it’s the ‘pro-choice’ community here on Tumblr that does all the blocking and reporting in an effort to hide the hideous truth about human abortion.


This was a campaign the ‘pro-choice’ community started in September, 2013, resulting in my voice being muted by Tumblr. A voice for the unborn squelched so that the killing can go on unchecked.

Because of their efforts to hide the reality of abortion, I have created the following social media accounts to spread the truth and to save the lives of those most at risk of losing theirs…

Cultureshift on Twitter

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The more they work to hide the truth the harder I will fight to expose it.

Stand for Life.

My secret-I wish I had the courage to end it all


I don’t.
Life, no matter how hard it can get, does get better. Look at yourself with new eyes; see the gifts and talents you’ve been blessed with and put them to good use. Learn to accept yourself, flaws and all because you are worthy of love, respect, and happiness. Don’t rob yourself of your future because life today seems too hard. It will get better.
I pray you have the courage to see that life is worth living.



In Heaven, there will only be one person with scars. You’ll have none because he’ll have taken yours.
— J.S.


I got Charlie Brown…:/

Random people

You know you’re back at college when you walk by a room that has a guy half-wrapped in bubble wrap is chillin by a fan and when you walk outside there’s a girl walking with an entire sunflower stalk in her hand.

Prayer Request


My mom is 6 months pregnant and she is feeling really sick, this isn’t morning sickness this is something different and I’ve never seen her act like this before. This is her 10th baby and I’m worried about her; could you all send up some prayers that this isn’t something dangerous? Thank you!!!


Okay, fellow Catholics: I need to pick your brains. Particularly if you are 20+ and have had the experience of moving to a new parish. 

How, exactly, did you get involved in the parish and figure out who people were, what was going on, and where you could contribute? 

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Can you become a Eucharistic minister or lector? That helped me get to know other people, regardless of age differences. I know you said the bulletin board was useless but try and find out if there is a bible study group or … okay, I know this might be out of your comfort zone but when you go to Mass next time get there slightly early and sit next to someone and say you’re new! It doesn’t have to be anyone your age, sometimes that makes things less intimidating. You can sit next to them and comment about anything you like, even the weather, and then introduce yourself. For me, it’s easier to start with the older people, and most grandmother types like setting people up, haha! 

I know that can be really scary for some people, but that’s how strangers become non-strangers. I hope this helps ya out a little!


*sits next to you at bar*

so…….who’s your patron saint

Reblog this if you want a LONG anonymous message saying what they think of you.
You want a secret?? Well maybe it isn't a secret, maybe everyone knows it except you, but you are beautiful!!

Grazie tantissimo! Anche tu sei bello/a, anche se non sai.